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This is it – the one stop shop for healthy living!

Thank you for visiting my Shaklee site.  I know you will be impressed, as I was, with the quality and value of our products.  Shaklee is over 50 years old, and knowing that the research backs the product is a huge motivator for me.  With so many choices in nutritional, home and personal products, I pay attention to labels and ingredients, but also to credibility and integrity.  Shaklee has met and exceeded all of my expectations.  I was drawn to Shaklee through the product lines, especially toxin-free ‘Get Clean’, Vitalizer and Vivix™.  I really liked what these products did for me, and I soon signed on as an independent distributor.  I am a motivated business builder, working with a top-notch team dedicated toward helping people realize clean, green living the natural way.  Welcome!

Shaklee is unique in a number of ways, but one of the most important to me is that I can manage my health, my home and my personal care through Shaklee’s diverse product lines.  There are five in all, and everything is backed by Shaklee science.  Our Nutrition, Weight Management, Home Care, Personal Care and Baby Care products carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When a product is this good, you can't help but share it with everyone you know. And that makes Shaklee products the perfect foundation for an amazing income opportunity.

One of Shaklee's greatest innovations is Vivix™ Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic dietary supplement.  I am seeing improvements in my own health and my customers' well-being.  My mom suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, and I have noticed that she is more alert and there is a brightness in her eyes that was missing before Vivix.   I am so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of Shaklee nutritionals, and I know you will feel the same.

Shaklee’s bonus plan is unbeatable, and with the FastTrack program and the new Dream Plan, our ability to earn just got infinitely more exciting.  Beginning a home-based business in Shaklee is the smartest move I ever made, not only because I know these products work, but also because Shaklee believes that my success starts with education.  From online webinars to self-paced learning plans to one-on-ones with my sponsor and team members, the training and support I have received is phenomenal.  I can study on my time schedule, day or night, and if I do have questions, an answer is just a phone call or email away.  I offer that same service to you!  The best part is that everything I do to achieve my goals helps someone else achieve theirs. It's the most satisfying approach to earning an income I've ever known.

I would welcome the chance to talk with you about your situation, find out what you're looking for - health, freedom, or both - and see if this is right for you. So click on "Contact Me" at the top of this page and let me know if I can help!